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The Only Dry Yogurt Waffle Mix With Collagen

100% Tasty, 11g Protein 140 Cal, 2g Added Sugar Try & Save 20% with code try20

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Chocolate Espresso


Cinnamon Apple



So good, it’s surprisingly nutritious!

Flavor and taste has disappeared from healthy kitchens.
Everyone deserves to “eat well, feel well, & live well”.
Your journey to healthy doesn’t have to be bland!

As a Chef, it's Time to Bring Culinary Flavor
Back to Healthy

"No lie, these are probably the best waffles we've ever had. Definitely light and fluffy! And love that the batter can keep for up to 4 days."

Ryan & Kasey Poe

This waffle mix is Brilliant and delicious... this basically powdered yogurt with loads of protein, combined with seltzer water. We use coconut oil and 1 egg. The taste is the best waffle I've ever eaten... seriously!

Elaine Lancaster

We stumbled across these amazing waffles while at Lanoha’s Nursery and absolutely loved them. They were so yummy we bought some to make at home and will now be a regular customer.

Kim Gess

Let's bring flavor back to your healthy kitchen with mouth watering waffles that taste amazing & oh, by the way, are healthy.


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