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A Crafted Family Recipe

In 1989, a vision for revolutionizing breakfast formed in Bob’s Grandmother Glady’s kitchen. The original idea started as a pancake recipe, and later was sold to select restaurants around the Omaha, Nebraska area.

Throughout the years Glady taught Chef Bob how to develop flavors. Alongside Glady, Bob’s mom, Joanne, also helped Bob cultivate his taste buds. Joanne’s creative side, and risk taking approach in the kitchen helped Bob think outside the box – key traits that would later become pivotal in the success of Heavenly Waffles®.

In 2009, Chef Bob completed training at Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, Texas, and started working on transforming the initial pancake batter concept into a shelf-stable dry mix. Five years, and four food scientists later, a new revolutionary, high protein, yogurt based, waffle mix was born. Initially branded as Pancrepes, it would take three more years before the final recipe would come to fruition.

Then in 2017, Chef Bob modified the mixing instructions, and instead of adding water he began mixing club soda, egg and oil with his mix – finally Heavenly Waffles® was born. The name was trademarked in recognition of Grandma Glady who is now in heaven. Heavenly Waffles® can be found in restaurants, coffee shops, corporate restaurants, and c-stores across the country.

So good, it’s nutritiously deceiving.

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