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13.5 oz Banana Heavenly Waffles® Mix (Case of 6)

Light & Fluffy


Superior tasting light & fluffy waffles that are so good they are nutritiously deceiving.  The only dry yogurt waffle mix with added collagen. 

Enjoy the taste of Banana Heavenly Waffles. Light, fluffy and lightly sweetened with the natural flavor of banana. 

Nutritiously balanced, protein packed! 

11 grams of protein, 140 calories, + collagen & only 2 grams added sugar.

  • Superior taste
  • Nutritiously balanced
  • No heavy, bloated gut feeling
  • Helps keep you feeling full longer
  • Chef founded & innovated 
  • All Natural
  • Makes mouthwatering Pancakes, Sandwiches, and so much more!


    Key Ingredients

    UNIQUE INGREDIENTS - Our mix is made with dry yogurt
    HEALTHY - 10 grams of protein, +collagen, Only 2g added sugar and only 140 calories
    LOW-CALORIE - 140 calories per 4-ounce waffle

    Did you Know?

    Our batter will hold up to 4 days due to it's unique ingredients. Most batters only hold for a couple of hours! Huge win for busy humans!

    Meal Prep Tip: You can pre cook and store in fridge for up to 7 days or in the freezer for up to 1 year.

    Our ingredients help you feel satisfied longer without feeling tired. As important as the ingredients are, it’s also the mixing process that creates an easy, in-home culinary experience, sure to wow those with the most discerning taste buds (kiddos included).

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    Chef Bob

    As a chef, I wanted to bring taste, and culinary flair back to healthy eating. I chose ingredients that would delight the palate while providing nutrition for the body.  Using ingredients like dry yogurt. It's light and great for the gut. 

    The combination of all of our ingredients help you feel satisfied longer without making you feeling tired.  


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